PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association)


*PTSA is the middle and high school version of the commonly-known Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in elementary schools.

• To ADVOCATE for Parents, Teachers, and Students of Clark Middle School/High School
• To SUPPORT and AUGMENT School Activities and Programs that promote Higher Education, Health and Overall Personal Development

How Can I Help?

A way of supporting the PTSA is through VOLUNTEERing at the school itself or various school events and/or related community activities. Below are current volunteer opportunities:

Need Me? I'm There! Volunteers
PTSA lends itself to assisting with school activities and programs as the opportunities become available. If you are willing and able to volunteer as the need beckons, please let us know. Your name will be added to the volunteer roster. When an opportunity becomes available, we will issue an email announcing the details. PLEASE NOTE: There may be frequent requests for last-minute volunteer work. We understand you may not be able to participate in all activities. Your participation at one or more of these events is ALW

Senates and Legislation and Chambers Oh My!
If advocating for children at the Senate/House level is your thing, we have a place for you. PTSA is looking for an Advocacy Liaison. You would be placed in direct contact with State and National PTA advocacy groups, have access to legislative details, attend conferences, and more.

• PTSA is also in need of additional Board Members and/or Committee Chairs and currently looking for a Communications Liaison. If you have time to dedicate to a positive cause, please contact us.

Membership Fee:
$7.00 per year

Membership Chair Contact:
Mrs. Syler 

Membership Benefits!
~Help Clark Parents receive the latest information about ways to help their child succeed in school;
~Help Clark Teachers obtain necessary resources, materials, and tools to maintain their teaching skills at acceptable standards and above;
~Help Clark Students SUCCEED by lowering drop-out and truancy rates, improving reading levels and grade point averages, graduating from high school, attending colleges/universities and obtaining meaningful and gainful employment;
~Receive Discounts from participating vendors who currently support PTA.
s about any of the information posted above.