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Office hours: 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Library hours: 7:30AM - 2:30PM

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Old School

Historical Links:

This History of Hammond, IN

Biography of George Rogers Clark

Lake County Historical Museum

The Story Behind Whiting/Robertsdale Street Names

School Song

Our School Song:

Go, you pioneers, we will back you with all our might.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go, you pioneers, win this game for the blue and white
With nothing less than victory our mark.
Let the spirit of George Rogers Clark inspire you.
Go, you pioneers, let’s see you
Fight! Fight! Fight!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What do I do if I lose my school ID card?
You must buy a new one from Mrs. Bobalik in the main office after school. The replacement cost is $7.50. 

2.) Where can I obtain a work permit?
See Mrs. Bobalik in the main office for the form. After filling it out, turn it in for approval.

3.) What are the times and locations of the bus pick-ups after school?
In order to ride the bus, you must have a valid pass on your ID card belonging to your bus number showing that you take that bus home. Without this pass you CANNOT ride the bus. Need a pass? Visit Mrs. Bobalik in the main office. You must be in the cafeteria by 2:45 to catch the bus or you will be locked out unless you have a proper pass. The second round of bus transportation arrives after 3:00. 

4.) Where is the BIZ room?
It's on the first floor, room 109. Remember to bring your books and supplies!

5.) What do you do if you can't get your locker open?
Most of the time you can turn to the closest teacher in the hall for help, but if no one is there, go to your next class and report the problem to your teacher. If you are having recurring problems, report them to Ms. Quiroga in the main office.

6.) What do I do if I believe my teacher doesn't like me?
~First, try to determine if one or more of your behaviors is causing the problem.
~Second, discuss the problem with your parents. Sometimes adults can understand and explain other adults' behavior.
~Third, try to discuss the problem with a guidance counselor. They may have some useful suggestions.

7.) Where can I find the application for free or reduced lunch?
Applications for free/reduced lunch must be handled through Central Administration via this website (click here).

8.) What does uniformity of color mean?
See the uniformity of color guidelines.

9.) Can I bring my cold medicine to school?
All medicine must be checked in with the school nurse who will hold it until you need it.

10.) What is Clark's locker policy?
Two students are assigned per locker. Students are not to allow anyone else to use their locker. If the administration finds that others are sharing a locker, disciplinary action will be taken. If for some reason you do not have a locker, or are having problems with your locker, you must report it to the teacher who assigned the locker. Thank you!

Useful Links

Useful Links:

Indiana Department of Education - Information for Parents and Students

Indiana's Academic Standards

Math Tutorials



Hammond Education Foundation

Team Hammond 71 Robotics